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 Standard Imprint Colors

Plastic/Steel Products
    Important Notes About Selecting an Imprint Color:
  • Light ink colors on dark items will darken the ink color by a few shades

  • Dark ink on a colored item may cause the ink the become darker

  • Choose a color that will have high contrast with the item color

  • PMS Colors will only be accurate when printing on a White item

  • Metallic inks will print true to color on all items

  • Dark imprint colors yield the best results on frosted items

  • Neon colors are very difficult to match, even on White items

  • We use the PMS Coated and PMS Uncoated books. Do not choose a color from the pastel, neon or other PMS books.

 Setup Charge:   $45.00 per Color (V)

Athletic Yellow  (PMS 123C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Maroon  (PMS 188C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Metallic Silver  (PMS 877C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Brown  (PMS 469C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Black  (PMS Black  Plastic Imprint Color )
Cool Gray #5  (PMS Cool Grey #5 C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Emerald Green  (PMS 347C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Fire Red  (PMS 186C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Hunter Green  (PMS 3305C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Light Green  (PMS 3275C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Metallic Gold  (PMS 872C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Navy Blue  (PMS 282C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Orange  (PMS 172C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Pantone Yellow  (PMS Pantone Yellow C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Pink  (PMS 211C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Process Blue  (PMS Process Blue C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Purple  (PMS 268C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Reflex Blue  (PMS Reflex Blue U  Foam Imprint )
Royal Blue  (PMS 288C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Teal  (PMS 321C  Plastic Imprint Color )
Warm Red  (PMS Warm Red C  Plastic Imprint Color )
White  (PMS White C  Plastic Imprint Color )
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PMS Color Match  (PMS Match )
PMS imprint colors other than standard imprint colors listed can be matched for an additional charge per color as below. PMS matches can only be guaranteed on White products. Imprint colors on non-white products will not be exact due to the nature of the process.

 Price: $25.00 per Color  (V)